4 de setembro de 2012

How to measure the value of entrepreneurship?

Since the first venture capitalist, Arthur Rock, dozens of companies passed the $1 billion threshold with the support of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Some 50 years ago in 1957, Rock got a letter from “the traitorous eight” who were working for Shockley laboratories as engineers and wanted to quit, and as a group to be more valuable for another employer. He left his job to fund this new initiative and later got the funding from Fairchild Camera and Instruments for these eight engineers. They developed the first silicon chip, later gave Silicon Valley its name, and revolutionized the computing industry. And Rock turns out to be the first venture capitalist together with Fairchild Cameras and Instruments. Apple, Amazon, Google, Genentech, IBM, CISCO, Atari, Tandem, Facebook, Microsoft, Groupon are all successful examples of these entrepreneurship and venture capitalist stories in the US.

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