24 de outubro de 2012

Entrepreneurship and Regional Growth: Connect with Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Programand UNL – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, UTEN Portugal 


Entrepreneurship and Regional Growth: Connect with Pittsburgh

Speakers: Suzi Pegg and DeWitt Peart
30 October 2012  | 14h
Reitoria da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa 
On 30 October 2012, in collaboration withCarnegie Mellon Portugal Program and UNL – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, UTEN Portugal will hold the strategic session: “Entrepreneurship and Regional Growth: Connect with Pittsburgh”.
This session will focus on Pittsburgh’s story of reinvention that has spread quickly across the world. Technologies being developed in Pittsburgh by world class universities and commercialized by entrepreneurs, have indeed helped to transform southwester Pennsylvania’s economy, but more importantly they are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
The keynote speakers for the event will be Suzi Pegg and DeWitt Peart. The Pittsburgh Regional representatives are here in Portugal to share the story of how growth in innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand as a key economic driver, not just for the Pittsburgh Region but the United States.
Targeted  at  start-up companies and researchers as well as the general public, the session aims to share new visions about how to use Entrepreneurship as a way to achieve economic and regional growth.
You can have more information about this event on our website http://utenportugal.org/events/regional-growth-2012/
Your participation is important so please register no later than 28.10.2012 athttp://utenportugal.org/events/regional-growth-2012/registration/
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