20 de julho de 2012

15 ways parents can promote entrepreneurship

Encouraging your teens today is part of parenting.  Every parent wants to see their child succeed.  With all of today’s technology there are many ways social media and social networking can help and in some ways hinder (if they are not careful with what they post online) with their future.
These days, the traditional path of getting a good education and going to work in the corporate world isn’t always the best way to find success. Although it’s still a great choice, many young people prefer instead to take a path of entrepreneurship, and there’s a lot that parents can do to help them follow that path. Lemonade stands, family learning adventures, and smart financial lessons are just a few of the ways that parents can instill an entrepreneurial attitude of success in their children from a very early age.
Read on to find out how you can help your child become a great entrepreneur from the very start.


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