20 de julho de 2012

How Entrepreneurship can help your job search – A real life example

In September of last year I wrote a column “Entrepreneurship can help you find a job”. Here is a real life example of this concept in action.

Before being given the opportunity to do new things (becoming unemployed), David Asher was a technical product manager in the telecom equipment industry. His challenge is common to many technology professionals faced with finding a mid-career position – companies are only looking to hire the candidate that has exactly the technology experience to be productive on the first day at work. In the world of technology, those domain requirements change very quickly! 

Like all others in David’s situation, his ultimate goal is to find a new job. Unlike many others, however, David took a two sided approach to his job search. First, was a traditional job search including writing a great resume, face-to-face networking at various professional associations and job searching venues, and all the other required activities of a well constructed job search. Second, and the thrust of this week’s blog, David also took advantage of his current predicament to expand his technical skill set, and thus expand his professional marketability. 


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